1873 Ward Map M on wardmaps.com / by Jason Turgeon

From School Street in Egleston Square (south) to Fort Ave (north) and from about Lamartine and Parker (west) to Washington St (east), covers Highland Park proper.  At the time, Washington St. was called Shawmut Avenue; Columbus Ave. was called Pynchon St.

Of note:  the Stony Brook, in its above-ground form.  The Roxbury Almshouse, on what is now Marcella Park.  The NE Gard Factory (what’s a gard?) on Vale St., later to become the Dennison tag factory (subject of a future post).  The SC Thwing Estate on Thwing St.  The Highland Park Standpipe, completed in 1868 to provide high service water to Roxbury Highlands.