A Marcella Street Reunion / by Jason Turgeon

A couple of months ago, I ran into Barb “Midge” Driscoll and her friend Artie Carmen at the standpipe.  It was Barb’s first time back to Fort Hill in 5 decades and she was marveling at how things have changed.  Barb shared some stories of her childhood growing up on Marcella near the corner of Highland.  She told me of the dozens of neighborhood children who played together throughout the neighborhood, the many small corner stores that have sadly long since closed, and her mother’s employment at a shoe factory in what is now the vacant lot on Fulda Street.

Barb now lives in San Antonio, but through the magic of email, Facebook, and Google she’s been able to track down dozens of the children she used to play with and she is searching for more.  She asked me to share this note:

We are working on a reunion for Marcella Street Park; this will include all areas surrounding the park. The reunion will be held in West Roxbury area in May of 2013.

At this time it looks like we will have close to 100 people attending we hope that all our old friends will join us. There will be fun, food and entertainment. When we get a firm commitment of the date, location, time and cost we will get back to you. Please tell all your friends!! Please RVSP if you will be interested in coming, we need to get a rough count. Please contact us if you have any question.

Thank you all,

Midge and Bob

Marcellareunion@yahoo.com / robertpcutris@yahoo.con

Midge 210-250-0140 / Bob 508-297-0106 (for people who don’t do computers)

Barb shared this picture of the Abby W. May school on Thornton Street, which she says was the school that all of the neighborhood kids went to.  The 1931 Bromley Atlas has both the school and the factory.  I’ve got it on my list to dig up more info about the school and factory for future posts.  If you have any info please share it in the comments.  

If you would like to attend the reunion, please do NOT use the comments, get in touch with Midge and Bob directly as I am not involved in the reunion planning.

Abby W. May School