School Documents of the Boston Public Schools: Dillaway School District, For Girls / by Jason Turgeon

This dry-sounding document contains fascinating glimpses into what school was like 120 years ago.  

Here’s some history on the Dillaway School on Kenilworth Street.

Dillaway School


The Dillaway School, formerly called the Dudley School, for girls, was established in 1839, and occupied the building on Keuilworth street, afterwards used by the Roxbury High School. In 1846 the school was removed to the building on Bartlett street. It was named the Dillaway School in 1879 in honor of Charles K. Dillaway, of Roxbury, for many years a member of the School Board. The present building, on Kenilworth street, Roxbury, was erected in 1882, is three stories high, and contains twelve rooms and a hall.

The Primary buildings of the district are two.

The building on Bartlett street, built in 1846, and enlarged in 1867, is three stories high, and contains six rooms and a small storeroom.

The building on Thornton street, built in 1817, is two stories high, and contains two school-rooms, both occupied.

There is a Kindergarten in the building on Kenilworth street.

There are twenty-one regular instructors in the district, — one female principal and twelve female instructors for the Grammar, and eight female instructors for the Primary Schools.

Sewing is taught by a special teacher to nine divisions of the Grammar School.

Pupils in the Grammar School, 640; Primary Schools, 396; total for district, 1,036.