All Points West: parking only for carpools of 4+ / by Jason

All Points West, a NYC festival with a killer lineup (2 nights of Radiohead--dang!), has announced that it will limit parking to those festival-goers with at least 4 ticket-holders in a car. That's a creative solution to the transit dilemma faced by most big festivals, albeit one that could probably only work in New York and maybe one or two other cities with decent public transit. They're also going to be giving away free water bottles to folks who bring in found empties, a move that's been successful at several other festivals.

Of course, I'll miss this festival since I just booked tickets to Chicago for the week for a combination of Lollapalooza and Red Sox-White Sox play. But I can't really complain about missing a festival to go to another festival. Life is good! More to come on the greening of APW as news becomes available.