Ride Share to Rothbury / by Jason

I'm lucky enough to be covering Rothbury for GreenBase over the 4th of July weekend. I'm going solo, and unfortunately wasn't able to line up my flight schedule with the shuttle buses they're running, so I will have a rental car. It's hardly the most environmentally-friendly way to cover this festival, but I'm trying to make it a little better (and a little less lonely) by picking up some passengers.

I'm flying in to Grand Rapids on Thursday the 3rd about 6pm and hope to be on the road by 7 or so. If you are flying in around the same time or live in the general vicinity and want to ride in with me, drop me a line at jason DOT turgeon AT gmail . com and we'll try to make it work out. I'll be leaving early Monday morning.

Look for coverage of the event in the coming weeks right here.

Update 7/17: Thanks to an out-of-the-blue call from the good folks at Mr. Busdriver, it looks like I might be able to catch the shuttle bus after all. Seems they're willing to accommodate some vagaries in the flight schedule. This is obviously the greener choice, so if it works out I'll report back on the experience.