Getting ready for Rothbury / by Jason

Jazz Fest may still be pulling folks into Montreal, but I've already switched gears and am now getting ready for the big event of my summer...Rothbury! Rothbury has been billing itself as the most environmentally focused festival of the year, and with such big claims I've got my work cut out for me. I'll be on the ground from Thursday night to Monday morning, reporting on all the green goodness I can in daily blog posts.

The festival organizers have scheduled a great variety of environmental-themed events, from lectures and etown radio broadcasts to the installation of solar panels (PDF link) on a local school and the inclusion of a local farmers' market to feed the masses. With so much going on, there's no way I can possibly cover all of it, but I'm going to give it my best shot without missing too much of the great music. I've blocked out performances by Rodriguo y Gabriela, Snoop Dogg, State Radio, Panjea with Michael Kane, Mike Gordon, and Trey Anastasio (and if we're lucky, Mike and Trey together!). Other than those, all bets are off and I'll be running around like a madman trying to get all the details for you, dear readers!

To get you ready, here are some essential links about the festival:

For background, read this excellent interview with Brian Lipsitz, the young man who made this festival happen at his parent's ranch.

Next up, check out the lineup, or even better use JamBase's superior RothburyBase version for easy reading and scheduling. If only we could make deciding who to see easier!

If you still need a ride, check out Mr. Busdriver (I'll be catching a lift with them to and from the airport), try the rideshare boards listed on the Rothbury website, or check the fairly active rideshare board over at

And if all this greenness at a US festival gets you excited, check out what's going on in the mind-bogglingly huge UK festival scene (450 festivals this summer!)....compostable tent pegs, composting toilets, deposits on beer cups, and even (gasp!) a festival that only books UK-based bands to cut down on artist travel.

OK, sports fans--get ready! My next post will be Friday sometime, from deep within the confines of the Double JJ Ranch...see you there!