The Blunderwood Portable

The Blunderwood Portable is a project that is under construction by the Cat and the Cockroach Collective, a Boston-based collection of artists and ne'er-do-wells. We are building a 24:1 scale 1927 Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter and a matching set of giant poems. This temporary artwork was shown at FIGMENT Boston on July 25-26 and will be shown at Burning Man in September of 2015.

To see more pictures, please visit Ranger Pretzel's gallery or Jason Turgeon's gallery.

As featured in the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, NY Times, Vice, Universal Hub and many other outlets!

The project is funded by a grant from Burning Man, the backspace fundraising party held in June, and a successful kickstarter campaign. But we are still several thousand dollars short of our overall budget. If you would like to contribute, you can make a tax-deductible donation or buy one of the (used) keys from the typewriter after Burning Man!

Each key is a masterpiece of precision engineering, featuring edge lighting, vinyl graphics, and a custom silicon extrusion to protect it all. Since the keys will take a beating at the event, we are not guaranteeing specific keys but we will attempt to honor requests. The keys come with a 1 1/4" floor flange allowing them to be easily mounted to black iron plumbing pipe for use as wall art or a unique bar stool.

Take home a key!

Keys are $100 + $25 shipping if you will not be picking up on playa or in Boston. To purchase one, use the PayPal donate button above or contact If you would like, you can pick up your key on September 6 or 7 at Burning Man.