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Here's a link to my professional resume, if you're into that sort of thing.

I was born in Vancouver, BC, on Valentine's Day, 1975, the child of two hippies. My parents split up soon after I was born. In my early years, I lived on boats, in communes, in teepees, in trailer parks, in cabins in the woods, and with family friends. When my mother decided to go back to college, we moved to Missoula, MT. For several years we split our time between Missoula and the Kootenay region of British Colombia, with a brief stint staying with my grandmother in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Eventually, my mother landed a job in Billings, MT, where I went to high school.

After high school, I packed my belongings into an old Chevrolet and hit the road.  I soon found myself in San Diego, where I fell into the world of small boats. I totaled the Chevy and bought a VW Thing with the insurance money. After working a string of dead-end jobs - busboy, hotel laundry room staff, call center employee, part-time bank teller - I followed a girlfriend to the US Virgin Islands on a one-way ticket and talked my way into a job washing boats for $9 an hour. The girl didn't last, but by some minor miracle I managed to turn the job into a career on boats that took me from Venezuela to Halifax. I worked on everything from inflatable rubber rafts in South Carolina to megayachts in the Caribbean to light tugs in Boston Harbor. 

I moved to Boston for another girl in November of 2000. That didn't work out either, but it made me realize it was time to think about a career that was a little more stable. In 2002, I enrolled in the geology program at Northeastern University with a concentration on marine studies. I figured I would build on my boating experience and end up with a professional job that still allowed me to get out on the water from time to time. But a chance co-op placement at the EPA in 2004 changed those plans.  Fourteen years later, I am still at the EPA, where I have become a national expert on municipal water innovation. Turns out this is an industry headed for a major shift in how it does business.  I'm excited to be a part of it, and to see what happens next.

Outside of work, I have fallen into a community of artists, makers, and doers. These are the people who make Boston an incredible place to live and work. I am humbled to have been accepted into this community of people who are infinitely talented in ways I can only dream of being. 

After following girls all over the world, I have finally found the one who will keep me in one place for the rest of my life. She values her privacy, so I will say only that she makes me very, very happy. We live in Roxbury, Massachusetts and are in our 15th year together. We have a son, Tyler, and a dog, Ella.