1873 Ward Map O on Wardmaps.com / by Jason Turgeon

Contains parts of Mission Hill and Fort Hill.  Note that Pynchon St. and parts of Tremont St on this map are now Columbus Ave.  Washington St. on this map is now Roxbury St.  

Of note:  The beginning of the Stony Brook Culvert (the brook is now almost entirely culverted and covered over).  The breweries along Pynchon St and the open Stony Brook:  Pfaff, Roessle, Norfolk.  All replaced now by Roxbury Community College.  Roessle could walk to work from his house on Gardner and Centre.  On the Parker Hill side at Parker and Station was the Burkhardt Brewery, and at Station and Halleck was the Houghton Brewery (an Ale and Porter House!).  Those were the days.