Wednesday, 12/7 meeting to identify historic figures for new Kittredge Park Art! / by Jason Turgeon

Via Chris McCarthy, who is central to the campaign to renovate Kittredge Park, I bring you the invitation below to join us at a public meeting.  Chris has been kind enough to invite me to help identify important historical events, places, and people for this project but we need to hear from a lot more people.

Please join us at the event below.  If you can’t make it, send me a note or leave a comment on this thread with your ideas for important local historical figures and events.  We are especially interested in more recent history like the story of Ed Cooper, RAP, the fight against I-95, etc.

—————-invitation below——————

The restoration of Alvah Kittredge Park is now well underway. One of the outstanding tasks for this project is for the community to identify the historical figures and events we’d like to celebrate within the art commissioned for the park by the E. I. Browne Fund. This grant also funds our commission with artist Ross Miller who has been working with us since January on this project. Please join Ross and community members at the Cooper Center on Wednesday, 12/7 to help us identify the local history that is important to you. We are hoping that our commissioned art can celebrate these events and generate a broader interest and understanding of how they’ve shaped our community. Please bring to the meeting any interesting materials you may have to contribute to this effort. And invite your neighbors please!


When: Wednesday, December 7

Time: 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Where: Cooper Center, 34 Linwood Street

Yum: Refreshments will be served


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The following is the purpose statement included in our original application to the E.I. Browne Fund. We welcome inclusion of contemporary historic figures and events.  


“We believe that Alvah Kittredge Park warrants a reinvestment that befits this historic neighborhood. Our proposed park design celebrates the achievements of our local historic figures. These achievements were the product of their patriotism, ingenuity, artistry, and learning. By restoring this park, we hope to inspire ourselves, and the generations that follow, to embody these virtues. The historic references that will unify our park celebrate the contributions of these historic figures who inspire us to contribute, in each our own way, to the goodwill of the community.”