Going to Langerado! / by Jason

So thanks to my recent interview with Kelly Viau, I was able to score myself a press pass to Langerado, on the condition that I do a little pre-show publicity. I'm so OK with quid pro quo (outside of my government day job, natch), it's not even funny. But my interview recently pretty much exhausted the green agenda at Langerado, so I think I'll put up a couple of posts between now and March 6 investigating which of the many bands performing are so green it hurts and which ones just want your money. And when I get back, after I take a shower and detox my liver, I'll report on just how successful the greening effort really was.

Is there a band in the lineup you want me to dig up some dirt on? Hit me up in the comments. Now, here's a little (video) story about three young brothers you know so well: