Green Music in the News Roundup / by Jason

So my inbox is getting cluttered again with more stories of music (mostly music festivals) going green. Here's the Reader's Digest version for you, loyal treehuggers!

Leading off, the incomparable Sarah van Schagen gets on base with an interview with popster Jason Mraz. Summary: he got the green religion about the same time he got the surfing religion, and now he runs a bus on B20, reuses water bottles, and donates money to the Surfrider foundation. To all you naysayers out there: lighten up! He's not Jack Johnson, he just sounds like him, and he surfs, and he's, you know, all green and stuff...wait a minute! Will he soon have solar panels on his avocado farm?

In the two-hole: the Santa Barbara Independent walks one over with this longish article about the greening of last week's Lightning in a Bottle festival, which we've mentioned in the past. Funny thing is, for all the words, the article spends almost no time actually describing the actual steps the festival has taken to be green, other than some workshops and waste-reduction stuff. In my brief write up of the fest, I noted that they had an excellent sustainability report, though--looking forward to seeing what comes out of this year's greening campaign.

Batting third: Rothbury scores a single with this decent writeup in a local Michigan paper. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but if you missed my post on Rothbury, this is a good recap of the greening efforts. I'll be going to Rothbury this year (whee!) to cover all the green action.

And finally, our cleanup hitter is Gerard Murphy, subject of this piece in the Burlington (ON) Post. It seems that Mr. Murphy, a 59-year old lawyer, has a little hobby: he puts in 20 hour days sorting out 2200 bags of trash into recylables and compostables from Burlington's Sound of Music festival. It's official: I've been out-greened. Grand Slam for Gerard Murphy!

Here's some Mr. A to Z for you to take it home.