The Millennium Trail / by Jason Turgeon

A while back I heard about a ‘zine that covered historical Roxbury sites as a self-guided tour.  Intrigued, I tracked down the principal author, local artist and an instructor at the RCC Upward Bound program Neil Horsky.  Neil is allowing me to post PDFs of his project here for wider distribution.

Here’s Neil’s description of the project, which he completed with the help of four local youths as part of his work with Upward Bound:

The Millennium Trail was a 1990s failed federal program to create historic trails through US cities and towns, including in Roxbury where only one plaque was installed.

Four high school students in RCC’s Upward Bound 2012 summer program investigated historic sites in Roxbury through community exploration, online research, and collaborative arts exercises.  We considered how these sites and stories are relevant today in the New Millennium, how they resonate with our own experiences, and what we could do to continue the struggle for social progress.  We are sharing our findings through this arts publication: a self-guided tour of our own Roxbury Millennium Trail.

A PDF of the full project ready for printing is at this link.  Since that PDF has a layout optimized for printing and stapling into a booklet, the individual pages are also available here:

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Map and History

Thanks, Neil!